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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Penile Implant Surgery in Phoenix, AZ

Erectile dysfunction and male incontinence are two problems that many men are reluctant to talk about.  Unfortunately, without appropriate treatment, these issues can cause significant difficulties in relationships and everyday life.  We are a specialist clinic that provides a range of different erectile dysfunction treatment options, as well as penile implant procedures.  Whether you're suffering from incontinence or erectile dysfunction, we can usually provide an effective treatment solution.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

If tablets such as Viagra or Cialis aren't giving you the results you want and you've tried injection therapy, one of our short, minimally invasive procedures could be the answer.  The procedure has excellent outcomes for most patients, enabling them to enjoy a normal sex life again.  Even if our patients have been having erectile problems for years, our treatment can frequently resolve the issue.  Our skilled, experienced medical team is able to treat men of all ages – just book an appointment and we'll be able to discuss your options with you.

Urology Specialist for Phoenix Patients

We are a clinic that specializes in men’s' urology issues.  With plenty of experience in treating a number of different conditions that affect the male urology system, we offer a selection of pioneering procedures that can really make a difference.  If you're experiencing incontinence, there's no need to suffer in silence!  We can frequently make a difference, giving you the treatment options you need for an improved quality of life.

Phoenix, AZ, Penile Implant Treatment

If you feel that a penile implant might help resolve some of the problems you're currently experiencing, we're here for you.  We offer a selection of procedures that can improve impotence problems as well as assist in the elimination or improvement of incontinence. 


To find out more about what we can offer, or to discuss your personal circumstances and requirements, call us to arrange an appointment at (602) 483-4421.