Erectile Dysfunction

Shawn Blick, MD

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Did you know that 30-40 million American men are living with erectile dysfunction? Left untreated, erectile dysfunction can negatively impact your confidence and your most intimate relationships. At his Phoenix, Arizona-based practice, Dr. Shawn Blick, a men’s health expert, regularly works with men of all ages to diagnose and treat erectile dysfunction. If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, request your consultation today by calling the office or clicking the online booking tool.

Erectile Dysfunction Q & A

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, is the inability to get or maintain an erection long enough to have sex.   This encompasses a spectrum of problems, including partial erections, erections that disappear before satisfying yourself or your partner (early detumescence), or the complete inability to obtain any erection at all. Erectile Dysfunction is very common. In fact, approximately 30 to 40 million American males have ED. However, if erectile dysfunction becomes an ongoing issue, it can cause anxiety, affect your confidence, and negatively impact your intimate relationships. Problems getting or keeping an erection might also point to a more serious underlying health problems such as heart disease. 

If you’ve noticed a change in your ability to get or keep erections, don’t hesitate to seek professional medical help. Make an appointment with Dr. Blick today.


What are the causes of ED?

The chart below highlights the most common causes of ED.  Many of Dr. Blick’s patients are surprised when they learn that vascular issues and diabetes cause 70% of the cases of ED.


What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction affects everyone differently and varies in severity. However, common telltale signs, include:

  • Trouble getting an erection
  • Trouble keeping an erection
  • Reduced sexual desire

If you experience these symptoms occasionally, there’s probably nothing to worry about, but you should see a doctor if:

  • You have concerns about your erections
  • You’re living with a chronic condition
  • You experience other sexual problems like premature ejaculation

Talking to your doctor about erection problems might seem embarrassing, but there’s nothing to fear at ED Specialists of Arizona. Dr. Blick genuinely cares about your problem and is very comfortable with the topic of human sexuality. He is well trained in both the medical and surgical treatments for ED and offers a “cause-oriented” approach to his patients.


How is erectile dysfunction diagnosed?

After almost 20 years of private practice, Dr. Blick knows that men want to know why they have ED.  His “cause-oriented” diagnosis starts with a comprehensive exam by reviewing your history and asking questions about the symptoms you’re experiencing.  He will then give you a physical exam and order a panel of blood tests and an advanced diagnostic test called a Duplex Doppler Ultrasound of the Penis.

To perform a duplex doppler, Dr. Blick will inject a medication like Trimix into your penis with a very small needle to give you an erection.  The duplex doppler enables Dr. Blick to diagnose blood flow problems in the penis, ruling out psychological problems as the cause of your ED.  Based on the diagnostic workup, he will advocate the best treatment option for you. 

Although most cases of ED are caused by an underlying medical condition, for patients with a psychological problem, Dr. Blick has a sexual therapist on site.


How is erectile dysfunction treated?

Treatment for erectile dysfunction depends on the severity and underlying cause of your problem. Dr. Blick offers several types of treatments, including:

Lifestyle changes

If your symptoms are mild or moderate, Dr. Blick might recommend lifestyle changes like eating a healthy diet and exercising more regularly. A growing body of evidence suggests vigorous aerobic activity can improve erectile dysfunction. 

Medications & Penile Injection Therapy

Most men with ED start prescription treatment with pills like Viagra™, Levitra™ or Cialis™ and may have already initiated this treatment with another provider prior to seeing Dr. Blick. If you don’t respond or cannot tolerate the side effects of pills, you may try penile injection therapy.  Penile injections use medication that is injected directly into the base or side of the penis to open blood flow into the penis. Trimix, which is a combination of three medications, is one of the common combinations of medication used. 

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy uses high-frequency shockwaves to stimulate improvement in the penile arteries and nerves in order to enhance male sexual function and performance. Dr. Blick performs this treatment as an outpatient procedure in his office without the need for any anesthesia. It’s the only noninvasive measure used to address the root cause of erectile dysfunction. 

Penile Implants 

If pills or injection therapy are not successful or tolerable for you, Dr. Blick may recommend a penile implant. The penile implant is the single best long-term treatment for erectile dysfunction and is a life changing, transformational medical device. That said, penile implants are not for everyone. Dr. Blick works hard to ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure to ensure optimal outcomes.


Don’t let erectile dysfunction prevent you from living your best life. Make an appointment with Dr. Shawn Blick today, by calling the office or clicking the online booking tool.