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Dr. Blick is a world-class Urologist, expert in penile implant surgery. 

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, as a specialist in men's sexual health, Dr. Blick helps men understand the causes of their ED and provides solutions and treatments based on each patient's individual needs.

Shawn Blick, MD

"Dr Blick took the time to explain all treatment options for treating my ED issue. He went over the specific procedure, I decided to have done, listing out the timeframe and any issue that might occur with this specific procedure. I did encounter a minor complication, an infection, though no one's fault or error. Dr Blick saw me weekly to ensure the incision was properly healing and took the time to answer any questions or concerns I had, He and his staff are extremely caring professionals."


Doctor Shawn Blick - Top ED Doctor in Phoenix Arizona
Doctor Blick - ED Doctor in Phoenix Arizona


Penile Implant Specialist

Board-Certified Urologist, Shawn Blick, M.D.

Dr. Shawn Blick, M.D. is the founder and president of the premier urology group, Valley Urologic Associates. He has practiced in Phoenix, Arizona for 18 years, and he was awarded TOP DOCTOR by Phoenix Magazine in 2009 and 2015. He completed his medical school training at Mount Sinai Medical School with honors, and he performed his residency at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. In addition, his residency required him to complete 6 months of oncology (cancer) training at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. As a urologist in private practice, Dr. Blick has specialized in Men’s Health, Erectile Dysfunction, Male Incontinence, Peyronie’s Disease, and BPH (enlarged prostate).


He is the founder of ED Specialists of Arizona (ed-specialists.com), a center of excellence for men’s health and penile implant surgery. In an attempt to raise community awareness about penile implants, he launched BeyondtheBluePill.com, a transformational radio marketing campaign that has allowed Dr. Blick to become widely recognized and within the top 10 “penile implanters” in the United States. Academically, Dr. Blick has taught multiple courses on advanced techniques for penile prosthesis insertion, artificial urinary sphincters, and male slings.





Top ED Doctor in Arizona

ED Specialists of Arizona (ESA) is a Center of Excellence for Men’s Health, specializing in Erectile Dysfunction and Penile Implant Surgery.

ESA is a division of Valley Urologic Associates, a premier urology group that covers the Phoenix metropolitan area. ESA was founded by Dr. Shawn Blick and Dr. Jonathan Agins, 2 Board Certified Urologists who have 15+ years of experience with Men’s Health Issues (Erectile Dysfunction, Low Testosterone, Enlarged Prostate, Prostate Cancer etc.)



Dr. Shawn Blick
3815 E. Bell Road, Suite 3600
Phoenix, AZ 85032

Tel: 602-483-4421


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