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What is Erectile Dysfunction and who does it effect?

April 4, 2017


It is my hope that by bringing the topic of Erectile Dysfunction into the light, we can start to develop an open dialogue about this debilitating condition that so many men struggle with today.  No longer will ED be a taboo discussion that many prefer to sweep under the table, but a prevalent issue that we are not only aware of, but we are able to actively move towards a solution, and a cure.  And the best way to start this open dialogue is answering the most foundational of questions: What is Erectile Dysfunction and who does it affect?


Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, is the persistent inability to obtain or maintain an erection satisfactory for intercourse.  This definition refers to a spectrum of disease, ranging from complete flaccidity to partial erections to rigid erections that are associated with early detumescence, i.e not lasting long enough.  What most people might not know is that ED is an extremely common debilitating condition in the aging male population.  It affects about 52% of men 40-60 years old and 22% of men younger than 40 years old.  It has been estimated that over 30 million American males have some degree of Erectile Dysfunction.  Surprisingly, about 80-90% of ED cases are organic, meaning that they have a medical etiology or origin.  The remaining 10-20% of cases are most often caused by psychological factors.


Basically, Erectile Dysfunction is more common than we would like to believe.  And by bringing its definition out into the open, we can asses and find a solution for each and every male that suffers from this condition.  So now that we know what ED is and how much of the population is affected, we can dive a little deeper into the different categories of Erectile Dysfunction and what they are caused by.  


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