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Absorbent products include undergarments and diapers; they assist in absorbing urine and in odor-control. 

PROS: Simple to use, can wear every day and safe for overnight use.

CONS: Expensive over time, uncomfortable, may show through clothes, may need frequent changes depending on incontinence severity.



A penile clamp is similar to a padded clothes pin.  It is placed around the penis to prevent the flow of urine. It controls leakage by applying constant pressure upon the penis.

PROS: Secure, does not require surgery, can stop leaking, simple to remove, may be reused.

CONS: Often painful and uncomfortable, moving up or down the shaft of the penis every two hours is required, cannot be used during sleeping.



A male sling acts as a hammock as it supports and repositions the urethra to help reduce the risk of urine leakage.  It is made of soft mesh and is surgically implanted in the body.

PROS: Undetectable. may result in immediate continence for some men, high patient satisfaction.

CONS: Potential inability to urinate, return to incontinence and post-operative pain.



The artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) is made of silicone rubber. It is surgically placed inside the body. An artificial sphincter has an inflatable cuff that fits around the urethra.

PROS:  Mimics the function of a normal, healthy urinary sphincter, 90% of patients reported satisfaction with their AUS.

CONS: Requires manual dexterity, infection, wearing away of the skin of the urethra, which may require device revision, device failure, small chance of infection.



An external catheter is male-specific and worn on the penis like a condom. It collects urine into a drainage bag.   

PROS: Relatively inexpensive, discrete, can be worn for long periods of time, keeps skin dry, can help avoid odor.

CONS: Irritation if attached too tightly, penile ulceration, scarring and penile tissue loss are possible.

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